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Unlocking the Secret to Keeping New Year's Resolutions in the Workplace


With the start of a new year comes the all too familiar cycle of setting new goals and resolutions. Whether it be eating healthier, taking up a new hobby, or learning a new language, setting New Year's resolutions is a great way to focus on self-improvement. 

The practice of establishing objectives for the upcoming year has been a well-established custom now. However, research has shown that 82% Indians, particularly employees, struggle to successfully keep their employee new year resolutions. Results of the survey indicated that approximately 82% of individuals fail to maintain their physical fitness resolution for longer than a week after New Year's. This is often due to a lack of commitment to the goal, workplace stress, an unrealistic goal that is too ambitious, or simply a lack of knowledge and resources to follow through with the resolution. 

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology shows that only 46% of individuals who set New Year's resolutions achieved them, indicating that more than half of those who made a resolution for the new year still need to reach their desired outcome.

As an employer, helping your team to set and follow through on resolutions can be challenging, yet the payoff can be substantial. By encouraging employees to set and strive to accomplish goals, employers can not only support their employees' personal growth but can also help increase employee engagement, employee loyalty, and productivity.

Let us discuss the key strategies to help employers to assist employees in reaching their goals. From setting SMART goals to cultivating a culture of celebration, here are some of the ways employers can help employees in their resolutions.

SMART Goal Setting for Success

The best way to motivate your employees to keep their New Year's resolutions is to help them create SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals. Having SMART goals will not only help your employees stay focused and motivated, but it will also give them a clearer sense of direction. Encourage them to break down their resolutions into smaller, more achievable goals they can reach with hard work and dedication.

Crafting Team Success Through Collaboration

The power of sharing goals with the entire team cannot be underestimated. Team unity and morale can be boosted significantly when individuals make their goals known to their colleagues. By sharing goals, employees can benefit from the motivation and support of the entire team. 

Additionally, providing employees with feedback and resources to help them reach goals will help them stay motivated and give them tangible results to celebrate. It helps to create an atmosphere of accountability and ownership within an organization. Employers should strive to create an open and collaborative environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their new year's resolutions. 

Make a Meaningful Impact through Appreciation 

According to a 2021 survey conducted by Forbes, relationships are a key component in the job satisfaction of Indian employees. It was found that 48% of those surveyed had left organizations due to strained relationships with their managers. It is suggested that organizations recognize the value of employee appreciation and recognition in order to improve the outlook of these relationships. This can be done through one-on-one conversations, verbal recognition in all-hands meetings, or even awards or bonuses. Show your employees that you value their hard work, effort, and dedication to their goals. 

A simple recognition of their efforts and a few words of encouragement can go a long way to help them stay on track. Showing your employees that you appreciate and value their hard work can be the extra push they need to stay focused and reach their goals.

Offer Meaningful Employee Benefits That Help Reach Goal

To encourage your employees to keep their New Year's resolutions, offering perks and benefits that support them in achieving their goals is important. Consider offering health and wellness programs from employee benefits platforms, such as discounted gym memberships, nutrition classes, and flexible hours that allow employees to balance their personal and professional lives. Other employee benefits can include access to health care coverage, health education and prevention programs, mental health support, and wellness initiatives. 

The employer's support must extend beyond January and be actively promoted in the workplace. Employers should seek to create an environment of upliftment and inclusivity to maximize the chances of employees sustaining their new resolutions. 

Maintaining Employee Momentum Through Check-Ins and Feedback

One of the best ways to help employees stick to their New Year's resolutions is to encourage regular check-ins. Encourage your employees to check in with their managers at least once weekly to track their progress and assess their resolutions. This will keep them motivated and on the path to achieving their goals. 

Team meetings should be scheduled regularly to assess progress, offer assistance, and motivate one another, fostering collaboration and accountability that will help your employees stay focused on their resolutions.

Cultivate a Culture of Celebration Around Small Wins

Celebrating small wins is an important part of keeping employees motivated to stick to their employee New Year’s resolutions. Celebrating these small successes creates positive reinforcement and encourages employees to stay on track. It could be as simple as a team lunch or an afternoon off to recognize and reward employees for their hard work and dedication. 

Employees will feel validated and appreciated for their progress, further motivating them to keep striving toward their goals. You can also use these small victories as teachable moments to help your team acquire new skills and become better versions of themselves.

The Bottom Line

Creating a culture of encouragement and support for your employees to keep their employee New Year resolutions is essential to maintaining a productive and successful workforce. By providing resources, offering incentives, and expressing genuine interest, employers can foster an environment that encourages employees to stay motivated and reach their goals. This will help improve employee loyalty and morale and help them feel fulfilled and valued in their workplace.

About Batik

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Furthermore, Batik's intuitive platform allows for easy employee benefits management and helps organizations streamline employee benefits programs. With Batik, employers can ensure that their employees receive the most up-to-date benefits, and have access to the resources they need to accomplish their goals, ultimately empowering and rewarding their staff.

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