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The True Value Of A Caring Culture

How a caring culture impacts your business

The mode and pace of work have changed in recent times. Companies face challenges from layoffs, the great reshuffle, the looming economic depression, etc., to name a few. As a result, employee priorities have changed, and compensation package is not the only criterion they consider to choose a place of work. They question the intention of their employers. Are their contributions recognized? Do the employers care? Are their opinions valued? Employees want answers to these questions to evaluate workplace culture.

Workplace culture: The reason employees stay back

Company culture has changed in the last two decades. Employers were praised for offering hourly pay and good working hours. Now, employees demand and expect value from employers as they seek job fulfillment. And how employees feel while at work ultimately decides where your organization goes. Employees want to feel valued and look for a sense of belonging. 45% of employees in India dread going to work. Such an attitude will not help the company to achieve success. Talented and well-qualified employees are more likely to leave if they feel disengaged from their workplace. 

Today finding the right talent is hard but retaining them is even harder. Companies need to build a culture that makes them happy and makes them feel that their needs are prioritized. Creating a culture of care at the workplace helps employees realize precisely that.

The consequences of not prioritizing a culture of care

Losing the right talent that’s important for your business can be costly, but this isn’t the only consequence of a culture that doesn’t prioritize care. More concerning is probably it’s impact on employee health and well-being. 

The effects of bad workplace culture on employee health can be detrimental. It will result in more employees quitting their jobs. More absenteeism indicates poor employee health, which can also be caused due to undue stress from unempathetic managers. Employees will have poor mental health when there is a negative vibe. Such workplace culture makes it difficult for employees to maintain a work-life balance. Building a culture of care is the right way to go when you want to show your employees that you value them.

Culture Of Care: Building A Loyal And Resilient Workforce

Workplace culture should not be a list of beliefs written on paper. It must be implemented throughout the organization at every level. Unfortunately, 42% of employees have witnessed insensitive treatment at the workplace just in the past year. To succeed with every project, companies must proactively nurture a caring culture. 

But all stakeholders on the team must be on board with establishing a culture of care to succeed. 

Organizations must be intentional in their efforts to reinforce a caring culture instead of simply talking about a supportive work environment. These efforts must be consistent with the company's objectives. When employees feel the love, they will also pass it on to the customers. 

Creating a caring culture is all about prioritizing employees over business profits. Striving to make a positive difference in the life of employees and customers will certainly lead the business on a successful path.

Key takeaways

According to an SHRM survey, 87% of Indian employees are happy about their workplace culture. However, experts warn that organizations must continue to employ value-based strategies to nurture their employees. Apart from providing support for physical, financial, emotional, and mental health, organizations should work towards helping their employees achieve a great work-life balance

Transparent communication, empathetic leaders, and positive encouragement are what employees expect from their companies.

About Batik 

Batik enables employers to establish adaptable, empathetic, and honest workplace culture by empowering employees to choose the employee benefits and perks they need. Such transparency and willingness to provide for employees will increase employee engagement and productivity.

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