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Maximizing Employee Benefits on a Limited Budget


Employee benefits are an essential part of cultivating a positive work environment, demonstrating a commitment to employee satisfaction, and reinforcing the value of employees.

Offering a comprehensive array of workplace perks and benefits is an excellent way to ensure the satisfaction of your employees. It is essential to demonstrate your commitment to their well-being, job satisfaction, and long-term security. 

Companies are vying for the best talent in today's competitive labor market. One way to attract top candidates is by offering an enticing benefits package. Benefits can set you apart from competitors and let prospective employees know that you care about them as people. And when an employee has access to top benefits, they feel more secure in their careers and less likely to leave their employers behind for greener pastures elsewhere. 

Research conducted by a corporate gift organization Adler has revealed that of all employees in the UK, 66% believe the benefits they receive are of equal or greater importance to them than their base salary.

Benefits, such as health insurance and retirement savings plans, are extremely expensive for employers to provide. The average cost of a comprehensive employee benefits package that includes benefits like insurance, wellness, and finance is high because there are so many employee perks to include in this package—and employers have to pay for them all!

The approximate annual cost of medical insurance coverage for a company with 20 employees in Bangalore, providing coverage of 3 lakhs per employee, could range between INR 60,000 to INR 1,00,000. This estimation is based on the type of insurance plan chosen and the risk profile of the employees.

The good news is that there are several ways for cost reduction without sacrificing benefits. As a business owner or manager, understanding the financial impact is crucial to making good decisions about what benefits employees need and which ones aren't worth the expense.

Few things are more important to a company than its employees. As such, you must offer the best possible benefits package to retain and attract top talent. While this can be an expensive endeavor, there are ways to cost-cutting without sacrificing the quality of your employee benefits program.

The Power of Employee Benefits

Success in business is largely dependent upon the quality of the workforce. Investing in employees is paramount for growth and prosperity. Therefore, it is essential for employers to foster positive and supportive work environments.

Benefits can enhance employee engagement, productivity, and wellness, while also promoting employee loyalty. Additionally, they can make an organization more appealing to prospective employees and support the retention of existing staff. 

There are many benefits that you can offer your employees. These include health insurance, fitness programs, insurance benefits, and financial support. Health insurance plans help to pay for medical expenses not covered by the employee's provincial health plan or private insurance. This can reduce the amount the employee has to pay for health care services. 

Fitness programs encourage employees to stay active and fit by providing opportunities to participate in organized sports and other activities promoting healthy lifestyles. Financial support may take the form of education funding or even scholarships through educational institutions. The costs of employer-sponsored medical benefits programs have seen a 15 percent increase in India in 2022.

The Rising Costs of Employee Benefits

In recent years, employers have seen a sharp uptick in the cost of providing employee benefits. While employee benefits are vital, organizations must balance the cost of such benefits with their budget and available resources. Employers must ensure they can provide comprehensive benefits without sacrificing their other financial goals. 

Companies in India have been prompted to restructure their employee benefits strategy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by the competition for talent, an increased emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and escalating benefit costs, according to a survey.

The 2021 Benefits Trends Survey conducted by Willis Towers Watson reports that 77% of employers aim to tailor their benefits strategy by 2023.

Leveraging Benefits to Uplift and Empower Every Employee

Personalized employee benefits provide employees with customized options based on their specific needs and goals. It's like having an entire staff dedicated to helping each individual in reaching their wellbeing and career aspirations—without any administrative headaches!

When offering benefits to your employees, it's important to remember that no two people are alike. Some employees may rely on their benefits to pay for medical bills and other healthcare expenses. Others may just be using them to put food on the table. It's also worth considering that your team varies in age, gender, health concerns, and other factors, so it would be wise to offer flexible benefit plans that allow employees to tailor their coverage needs according to their specific circumstances.

Crafting a Holistic Employee Benefits Program

Most employers spend significant time and money managing their benefits program. According to a report by Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB), it is projected that the expenditures related to employer-sponsored medical benefits programs in India will increase by 15% in 2022.

Batik, a leading employee benefits platform, offers a comprehensive range of benefits and perks to help employers support their employees in financial, mental, health, and educational well-being. Our financial planning services enable employees to make informed decisions about their financial futures. Batik's benefits program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. They offer a wide range of options so employees can find what they need to help them achieve their goals, be it financial stability or improved health.

One of the things that makes Batik so special is its dedication to offering exclusive prices for its employees. For example, if you onboard your employees on Batik, they can get up to 50% off on the flight bookings! This is just one way that Batik helps make your life easier.

Batik's services are designed to offer employers and their employees the best-in-class benefit experience. By providing them with a comprehensive platform tailored to meet their needs, Batik provides employers with comprehensive analytics and reporting features, allowing them to track employee benefits usage and make the most of their benefits budget.

Wrapping Up

While the goal of a holistic employee benefits program should be to attract and retain talent, it's also an opportunity for employers to make an impact on the work experience. And that's what makes it so valuable. With the right technology partner, you can create an engaging benefits package that employees will appreciate more than ever. The key is to provide benefits that are valuable, easy to understand and use, and relevant to your employees’ needs. This will help you stand out as a great employer.

About Batik

Batik is an extensive employee benefits platform designed to simplify and streamline employee benefits administration. With Batik, employers can create and manage various benefits, from insurance and retirement plans to wellness programs. 

The platform is easy to use, secure, and intuitive, allowing employers to customize their benefits packages to meet employees’ individual needs. Batik is the perfect solution for employers looking to provide their employees with the best benefits at the best value.

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