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Four Perks and Benefits to Foresee During the Great Resignation


The Great Resignation has swept across the nation. It is a continuing trend in the workforce where people are slowly abandoning the status quo. The benefits are great and undeniable: remote work, freedom to truly do what they want, and mental health. These have taken a front seat at the expense of monetary compensation and physical presence.

The pandemic has shifted people’s perspectives on what they expect from their work and life. People can work from anywhere, on any device. They don’t have to leave their house if they don’t want to; they can do it all from the comfort of their home office setup. Now, people are realizing that work flexibility and work-life balance aren't just perks, but fundamental rights. That's why it is important for companies to focus on work-life inclusivity and diversity.

The idea of remote work is also gaining acceptance in the corporate world. Many companies have adopted a remote-friendly policy, encouraging employees to work from home or at satellite offices. This shift has made it possible for many people to balance their professional lives with their personal lives by shifting their focus from money and status to freedom and flexibility.

With the rise of remote work, freelancers, and short-term contracts, employers must be more thoughtful about how they treat their employees. Employers must establish a cooperative and

respectful partnership with employees in the current setting. This same mindset applies to selecting employee benefit packages.

Flexible Schedule That Allows for Remote Work

Employers need to provide the tools and resources for employees to work remotely. Workers today are looking for flexibility and wellness in their jobs. As per a report published by LinkedIn this year, 63 percent of job seekers consider balancing their work and home lives a priority when picking a new job.

The benefits of working from home are many: reduced commute time, more time to spend with family, less stress and more productivity. The best way for employers to attract and retain the best talent is by providing flexible work schedules. While some companies will focus on offering remote work as a perk, others will focus on reducing commute time. Either way, your employer must offer this option to attract top candidates.

Employees want to work for companies that trust them to do the job on their terms. The most successful organizations in history have all built cultures where employees are empowered and trusted to do what’s right for them—and the business.

Great Health and Mental Health Benefits

The COVID-19 virus has been a snare to mental health, for several reasons, from adapting to lockdowns to dealing with anxiety or isolation or even losing loved family members. During recent years, mental health needs have gained attention as a major public health concern. In fact, mental health issues are the leading cause of disability worldwide. To combat this, various organizations have stretched their services in the mental health field.

COVID has helped employees look at mental health or healthcare insurance plans in a new way, whether it's the kind of treatment covered or the cost. Employers should be sure that they offer benefits that go with employees' preferences.

Learning Opportunities

The Great Resignation provides a unique opportunity for both businesses and employees to make long-overdue changes. Improving the employees' skills requires a change in how they are treated. Companies can emerge with a well-trained workforce by implementing programs to upskill employees and make them an integral benefit

Businesses should use upskilling and reskilling opportunities to attract top new talent while improving retention. They must create an environment where reskilling is possible but encouraged and rewarded.

Wellness Perks

Wellness perks are a great way to keep your employees healthy and happy. After the pandemic, wellness has taken on a new meaning as employees have learned to refocus on caring for themselves. Some employers have extended their employee wellness offerings as people have struggled to stay well and healthy in trying times. These wellness benefits might not stand out in a job offer, but it does signal how much a company and its leaders value the employee's well-being.

Good Employee Benefits Packages Can Go a Long Way

It's no secret that benefits are important in the eyes of employees. The most sought-after benefits packages include paid time off (with a focus on vacation), health insurance, retirement plans, and various employee perks such as company-sponsored gym memberships or discounts at restaurants.

Employers should focus on offering the best benefits packages to attract and retain the best talent. Benefits can help attract new hires and give an edge over the competition when trying to retain current employees

Final Word

In the past, employees were less comfortable demanding more from their employers. They wanted health benefits and a decent salary but didn't expect much more than that. Times are changing, and we need to adapt our thinking about what it means to be a good employer. It's no longer enough for companies to offer basic employee perks like paid time off or retirement savings plans. These wellness programs help employees stay healthy, provide opportunities for professional development so they can learn new skills or advance their career path, and more.

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Batik helps employers find the right perks and benefits for their employees. Batik also offers great employee perks because we are committed to creating a supportive environment where you can do your best work every day.

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