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Cultivate Positive Workplace Culture With Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Company culture is more simply defined as an organization's common ethos. It is how people feel about their work, the values they hold dear, where they see the business going, and what they are doing to get there. These characteristics collectively reflect an organization's personality — or culture.

Consider this: the average employee spends one-third of their time at work.

The environment in which they spend that time will greatly influence the quality of their professional existence. They are more likely to work hard and stay with a business that has a strong culture that fits with their own beliefs and attitudes. If, on the other hand, the company's culture does not represent their own personal feelings, they are much more likely to leave — or, worse, underperform if they stay.

Employee Benefits: The Cornerstone Of Productive Company Culture

Investing in employee benefits will create happy employees and foster a positive workplace culture. Only 43% of Indian companies cater to the individual needs of their employees.Employee benefits packages should not be a random bunch of perks. Companies must adopt a holistic approach to nurture, support and care for their employees. The work perk should focus on optimizing employee health and finances. It will better the lives of employees and keep them happy at their workplace. A thriving employee will contribute to encouraging workplace culture. When employees are healthy and happy, it will reduce absenteeism and promote positive collaboration, allowing each employee to be productive.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Reinforce Positive Workplace Culture

90% of workers who felt that their company has a toxic workplace culture have considered quitting. So, business leaders should use data to identify the benefits that foster a strong company culture. HR professionals must identify employee benefits to help them realize their vision of creating an inclusive workplace culture. Following are some of the ways  how leaders can bring about workplace culture change:

  • Attracts and engages talent  - More than 53% of the Indian workforce does not have social security benefits. So, offering unique and customized employee benefits will ensure that a company stands out. Millennial and Gen Z employees value benefits more than the compensation package. Offering better employee benefits will attract a better talent pool.
  • Impacts company values – The employee benefits a company offers showcases its commitment to employees. For instance, companies that want to foster innovation should provide education and professional development benefits. If the core value is empathy, the organization should offer health programs that enable employees to overcome work stress. Employees gauge a company's interest in them from the benefits they get. 

Builds a culture of excellence – Managers and leaders should also use employee benefits and prove their usefulness for a thriving workplace culture. Employees will follow the lead if the top managers make use of company insurance products, participate in community volunteering, or pursue professional education. When everyone in the company has good physical, mental, and emotional health, it will encourage a positive workplace culture.

Wrapping up

About 60% of active job seekers said that their organizational culture needed to allow them to have a better work-life balance. Employees expect their employers to show empathy and care to make them feel valued and supported. Employers must strive to improve workplace culture by offering customizable and tangible employee benefits to support their employees in times of need. Leaders should also take advantage of the benefits programs to lead by example. When organizations realize the importance of workplace culture and create a responsive environment, employees will be happy. It will directly impact their productivity and efficiency at work. 

Find new possibilities for building a positive workplace culture with Batik

Offering inclusive and customizable employee benefits and perks reinforces a positive workplace culture. Batik brings all employee benefits under a single platform and empowers employers to find new possibilities for creating a workplace culture that supports each employee in the workplace and beyond and lets employees choose the benefits they need and appreciate. 

Want to know more? Watch our Demo or get in touch with us at contact@startbatik.com

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