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Breakthrough Employee Engagement Strategies For Success In 2023


In the current scenario where layoffs and resignations are on the rise, employers are required to create the best employee engagement strategies. Employers must ensure that their employees stay motivated to continue in their roles. They have to create new employee engagement ideas to improve the employee experience. WTW survey shows that 64% of Indian organizations find it difficult to retain employees in 2022. This challenge can be addressed with employee engagement and retention programs focused on keeping the employees engaged. 

Every company will benefit from engaged employees. Creating a detailed employee engagement plan is the need of the hour. The plan should detail engagement goals, relevant metrics, a budget for engagement initiatives, and a clear approach to employee engagement activities

Best Employee Engagement Strategies For 2023

In a Dale Carnegie Survey, only 45% of the employees in India reported that they felt engaged at work by HR. A company cannot thrive well with disengaged employees. It is time for organizations to realize the benefits of employee engagement and improve the overall employee experience.  

Trust Drives Success

For team members to be fully engaged in their work, they can’t be expending mental energy worrying about whether they can truly trust the people around them. In the absence of trust, engagement is almost impossible to find and  90% of Indian employees believe that trust in a workplace must be earned.

There are several ways that great leaders build trust with their team members but a simple, first step is to extend trust. However, leaders struggle to earn trust because employees are coping with ongoing workplace disruptions. This situation can be handled by empathetic leaders who listen to their employees, understand their expectations, and respond positively, reinforcing trust. 

Autonomy Breeds Creativity

Encouraging autonomy in the workplace can increase productivity by 5.2%. Employees communicate more and feel valued if they are given the freedom to make decisions. They can be creative and innovative if they are allowed to make smart decisions. Instead of micromanaging employees, employers should develop a framework to motivate autonomous employees to ignite a culture of dedication to the organization.

Empower Growth Through Learning

With digitization happening everywhere, millennials and Gen Z employees want to explore multi-dimensional growth. According to a recent workplace learning report, 84% agree that improving L&D in India is crucial for talent development and employee engagement. Employees will be more invested in the organization that invests in their careers. Employers can offer company-sponsored training and courses for upskilling and reskilling. Education reimbursement will encourage employees to seek the training they need and still be supported by their company.

Transparency Builds Stronger Bonds

Employers can nature employee engagement simply by cultivating openness between employees and managers. More than 44% of Indian employees expect their employers to be transparent. Increased transparency increases trust in employers and lowers job-related stress. For organizations, implementing transparency costs almost nothing and provides a better Return On Investments, i.e. ROI. Those in leadership roles should create policies and decisions that promote transparency. Being candid about internal problems and engaging employees to address those problems can foster strong employee bonding. 

Great Workplace Culture Inspires Greatness

A Global Workplace Culture survey discovered that more than 45% of Indian employees dread going to their offices due to poor work culture. Supportive company culture is the core driving factor for employee engagement

Good work culture provides a safe space for employees to voice their opinions. When employees feel heard, they engage more with the organization. Workplace culture is crucial in an environment where many employees work remotely, and their relationship with the company is much less.

Prioritise Employee Wellbeing

To thrive in the workplace, employees should not work in an environment that is harmful to their physical or psychological well-being.

Going to work today with the great layoff trend and rising inflation is making people sick, both physically and psychologically.

Great leaders understand that for employees to thrive and be fully engaged in their work, especially over time, the workplace must go beyond simply avoiding negative effects on well-being. The workplace should improve one's well-being.

Employee Financial Wellness Matters Most

Financial wellness programs have become progressively important for employees in today's fast-paced world as they scramble with financial stress caused by economic unknowns and disruptions.

Employees who are under financial stress are more likely to miss work, be disturbed at work, and have lower job satisfaction, according to studies.

Employee financial wellness programs like Instant cash loans, Digital investments, and Digital gold earning on spends can improve overall well-being and increase engagement and productivity by reducing financial stress. Employees are more likely to be focused and motivated at work when they have the tools and resources to manage their finances effectively. 

Key Takeaways

In the future, employers must analyze their current work environment and implement changes that will make them more appealing, caring employers who see their employees as human beings first and resources later. The first step is to encourage connection. This is the foundation for creating a better, happier workplace where employees are excited and invested.

The main message here is clear: as employers look toward the future, it is clear that establishing a workplace where employees feel heard, that their voice matters, and that they feel a sense of belonging is critical for any business's future success. One way to accomplish this is to concentrate on what the current engagement experience feels like in your company, solicit feedback, and begin to understand what matters most to your people.

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